Top Things To Do In Tulum

Tulum has become one of the most popular tourist destination in the past years. With its white sandy beaches, lush jungles, cool blue cenotes and relaxed hippy-chic vibe, there is plenty of things to do. Tulum is located approximately 2 hours from the Cancun airport and about an hour from Playa Del Carmen. It is relatively easy to get to from the airport and there … Continue reading Top Things To Do In Tulum

Unique Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Is it just me or do you feel like Valentine’s Day is just stupid holiday that companies use as an excuse to overcharge for flowers, chocolates and restaurant meals? Over the years, my husband and I have stopped giving each other gifts for Valentine’s Day. We don’t even bother going out for dinner anymore because everything is over priced and prix fixe menus suck. Instead, we usually treat ourselves … Continue reading Unique Valentines Day Gift Ideas

To Stay At An All-Inclusive Resort Or Not?

Have you ever been scrolling through Instagram or Groupon and see amazing all-inclusive travel deals that are just so tempting to buy with a click of a button? I often have this problem because I am always looking for deals and always wanting to be on vacation. $2,500 for 7 days all-inclusive in the Caribbean? That just sounds simply amazing. But then I think about … Continue reading To Stay At An All-Inclusive Resort Or Not?

Naanchiladas – Indian Style Enchiladas

If you haven’t tried Naan before, you are missing out on something real good. Naan is a type of Indian leavened bread made from flour that is typically in a teardrop shape and traditionally cooked in a clay oven. And yes people, its called “Naan”, not “Naan bread”! Naan goes with almost any kinds of food. It is soft yet sturdy and can be used … Continue reading Naanchiladas – Indian Style Enchiladas

A day trip to Catalina Island

I had been living in San Diego for the past two and half years and every time we would think about doing a weekend getaway, Catalina Island popped in my head. However, for some reason, we never follow through on it and we just end up hanging out on our couch binge watching Netflix all weekend.  Well, when we decided we were going to move back to CT to be closer … Continue reading A day trip to Catalina Island