A Little Bit About This Desi

I have been travelling since I was in my mom’s belly. My parents lived in Kuwait and it was during the time when Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990 – the Gulf war. They had to flee Kuwait and travel to India, our home land, in order to escape the war. I spent my first year and half in India. When I was just about two years old, I travelled back to Kuwait when things settled down after the war. I guess you can say, that was my first official flight!


Ever since then, I’ve been on many travel adventures. Travelling around the middle-east for school sports tournaments and around India for summer vacation to escape the 120 degree hot desert heat. Our family even did a 1.5 month Europe trip one summer, which is probably the most amount of countries I have been to in one vacation period!

I spent most of my life in Kuwait, right up to high school. I then decided I wanted to go to college in the US, following my older sister, Marsha.

If you were to ask me what I wanted to go to school for, my heart would be saying “Culinary School.”

Obviously, that didn’t happen. There was no way my parents would pay for me to study in the US and go to Culinary School. So, Accounting it was!

Bleh, Accounting is certainly not a passion of mine. But what I can I say? I come from an Indian family where your career choice is pretty much announced to you when you are born. “My child – you are going to be a Chartered Accountant.” (CPA equivalent in the US). I didn’t even know what that was! Sure enough, that is what I would tell everyone I was going to be when I grew up. Fast forward many years later… here I am, a CPA!

Moving on to food…My love for food grew over the years as I travelled. There is pretty much nothing I will say no to when it comes to food.


I’ve always said to myself, what is the worst that can happen from me trying something new? Maybe I hate it, maybe I love it, but atleast I tried.

Over the years, posting pictures of my travel adventures, food while travelling and food I make at home, people would ask me for recommendations or my itinerary of things I did. And for those of you know who me, know that I am a planner. I’ve got it down to every little detail. I read and read and read about what to do, where to go and where not to go. And I put it all in one big organized excel file. People would comment on my photos and IG stories and always tell me to start a blog. A blog, ugh, why? So much typing – aint no body got time for that! There are TONS of bloggers out there, with amazing content and so many more experiences than me. It is almost discouraging looking at the blogger life. Everything looks like heaven and it looks like they are always on vacation.

I don’t travel half as much as they do and I don’t even have a real camera!

But then I was like, why the hell not? I am done with my CPA exam, I’m done with school and I have nothing else to do other than watch TV when I am back home from work. Who cares if no one reads it! At least I am doing something productive. Maybe, one day when I am old and grey, and lost all my memories, reading my blog about this beautiful life I’ve lived will bring back my memories.


So, this is why I’ve created this blog. I’m taking my love for food, travel and life and putting it all on here for you all to read.  I hope my experiences inspire you because this is such a wonderful world and we are so lucky to be living in it.


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