Unique Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Is it just me or do you feel like Valentine’s Day is just stupid holiday that companies use as an excuse to overcharge for flowers, chocolates and restaurant meals?

Over the years, my husband and I have stopped giving each other gifts for Valentine’s Day. We don’t even bother going out for dinner anymore because everything is over priced and prix fixe menus suck. Instead, we usually treat ourselves to a mini getaway the weekend before or after. This is usually when tax season at work gets really busy and we barely get to spend time together during the week or weekends, so its a perfect way to make up for it.

However, I’ve come to this point after 7 years of being together and running out of things to get each other. Also because I’d rather save that money and put it towards vacation somewhere else. But that’s just me. If you enjoy celebrating it, you should definitely take the time to find a present that your significant other will love.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Now, that can be hard because what can you possibly get them other than flowers and a card? Especially with Valentine’s Day being so close to Christmas, it’s hard to come up with new gift ideas.

I’ve put together a great list of “Gifts for her” and “Gifts for him” ideas that should hopefully help make your decision easier. Click on the headers to go to the link of where you can buy them! And don’t wait till last minute to order!

Gifts For Her

Constellation of the day you met.

This is what I would call a cute, thoughtful and romantic gift. If you actually remember the day you and your significant other met or maybe the day y’all made it “facebook official”, this is something she will really appreciate. Plus it will look cute when it is framed and hung up on a wall.

Dark Chocolate Champagne Bears

This is a great gift for your lovely lady if she has a sweet tooth. And even better, they contain champagne! Sugarfina also has so many other kinds of candy flavors that make great gifts. If you are getting her these, a nice bottle of champagne + roses can never hurt!

Heart shaped Umbrella

Oh My World! Why do I not own one of these? The amount of Instagram posts I would have with this? I guess since I lived in San Diego for the last 2.5 years I really didn’t need one. But now that I’m back in Connecticut, I need one to these! Get it, just do it. She’s going to love it. Just be ready to take a lot of photos with her posing with it.

The Bump Box

Is your significant other a mommy-to-be? The bump box is a surprise gift box that you can subscribe for and will be sent to her every trimester or however long you would like to spoil her for! This is a great way of making her feel special throughout the year. You can also do the FabFitFun subscription box which can be a good gift for any woman!

The Smartphone Sanitizer

Phones have so many germs on them. Think about all the places we put our phones on and how much we constantly use it. This smartphone sanitizer is a great gift that uses UV rays to help kill the germs on your phone. I need to get one of these for myself too! Ryan, if you are reading this….ahem ahem.

Scentbird Subscription

I’m all about subscription boxes because I love being able to try new things. With this perfume subscription, she will get a 30-day supply of fragrance as well a free case with the first order!  Cancel the subscription at any time. Very reasonable price for designer fragrances.

Mini Makeup Fridge

With this cute little makeup fridge, your woman can keep all her beauty products that need to be kept cool, separate from the smelly kitchen fridge. She’s going to love this! Throw in a couple of face masks and creams and you just may get to enjoy a spa day at home with her.

Shower Wine Glass Holder

Where has this been my whole life? I want one now and your lady is going to want one too! With this shower wine glass holder, she can relax in the bath tub with some bath salts, spa music and a glass of wine for a perfect little in home relaxation. Make her a gift box with this + some bathbombs + a bottle of wine.

Photo by Breakingpic on Pexels.com

Gifts For Him

USA Beer Cap Map

Is your man a beer lover? USA has some great local and craft beer and your significant other is going to love collecting the beer caps of his favorite beers and adding it to this USA map. This will be a fun little addition to his man cave.

Anti-theft Backpack

You ever get mugged while travelling? Its honestly the worst. I often have to hide my money on so many different parts of my body just in case my purse or wallet gets stolen. This anti theft backpack will allow your boo to stress less and enjoy vacation more.

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

When I first met my now husband, 7 years ago, he could not handle spicy food at all. I slowly got him to liking hot sauce. Now he wont stop with it. Everything needs to be spicy. Anyways, if your man likes hot sauce too, this kit is awesome! It is something you can both to together and even enjoy the finish product!

Vintage Bluetooth Turntable

I think this is such a cool gift idea for your significant other. With the many color options, its vintage look yet modern bluetooth technology, this is a great music player that will be a nice addition to your home.

BBQ Briefcase

Spring and summer are only a few months away. Whether you are having a cookout at our house or at the beach/ park, this portable BBQ briefcase set with stainless steel utensils will make your man look like a master chef.

Beard Trimming Mat

You ever find these little tiny hair all over your bathroom faucet? Does it drive you nuts trying to get them off when cleaning? With this beard trimming mat, you can help your man keep the bathroom clean when he trims his beard, mustache, or hair. This three-foot square non-stick fabric attaches to your mirror and covers the sink and countertop. And once he is done, the hair slides off the nonstick surface and into the trash. Genius solution!

Custom Sports Canvas Prints by Oohlala

Request a custom painted original art or canvas print of his favorite sports team or music/movie legend. With all art made in the United States and all U.S orders qualifying for fast and free shipping, you can ensure this is delivered right on time for Valentines day. This is going to look so sick in his man-cave, office or bedroom! Girly, children and office theme options available too!

Furbo Dog Camera + Treat Tossing

This can be a great a great gift for him or her. If you miss your fur baby when you are not home, you can talk to him and even toss him treats through this Furbo dog camera. You will be able to watch whether that sneaky little one is sitting on the couch where he is allowed on. Also check out Britts Barkery for some homemade doggy treats.

No excuses for not getting your lover something this valentines day. And gentlemen, don’t forget to order your mom and lady some flowers 😉 If they say they don’t want flowers, don’t be dumb, just buy them anyway!


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